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Д. А. Широкова

Кафедра перевода и переводоведения

Научный руководитель – доцент С. В. Брыкина


Источник статьи: Материалы 58-ой научной студенческой конференции, посвященной 70-летию ПГПУ имени В.Г. Белинского. Пенза, 2009. Сс. 197-198.


It is widely known that English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the language of international business and science, of aviation and shipping. As so many people speak English in so many countries, there are many different "Englishes". Now a lot of attention is paid to the problem of English variations.

The aims of this work are to examine the territorial variations of the English language in Australia and Canada and to find out the peculiarities of Canadian and Australian English The work considers the main phonetic, lexical and grammatical peculiarities of Canadian and Australian Englishes. It also contains information about the history of Canadian and Australian Englishes and about their regional variations.

Canadian English is a hybrid of British and American Englishes. Canadians use both British and American spelling, they also sound half-british, half-american.

These are some of the phonetic peculiarities of Canadian English: Canadian speakers tend to pronounce /æ/ in the loanwords that have a low central vowel in their language of origin, such as "drama", "llama", "pasta", and "pyjamas". They do not distinguish between the long sound /_/ (as in "caught") and [o] (as in "cot"). "Milk" may be pronounced /m_lk/. The diphthongs /a_/ and /a_/ are "raised" before voiceless consonants, namely /p/, /t/, /k/, /s/, and /f/.

As to vocabulary, Canada shares it with both America and Britain. For example, a two-way ticket can be either a round-trip (American term) or a return (British term). Here are some examples of distinctive canadianisms: bachelor: bachelor apartment, an apartment all in a single room, with a small bathroom attached, fire hall: fire station, firehouse, parkade: a parking garage, especially in the West.

Most linguists consider there to be three main varieties of Australian English: Broad, General and Cultivated Australian English. There is significant variation in Australian English vocabulary between different regions. For example, in Tasmania, words such as "dance", "grant" and "branch" are usually heard with the older pronunciation of these words, using [æ], whereas in South Australia, [a] is preferred. Many speakers have also coalesced /dj/, /sj/ and /tj/ into /d_/, /_/ and /t_/, producing standard pronunciations such as /t_u:n/ for "tune".

Australian English has a unique set of diminutives formed by adding -o or -ie (-y) to the ends of words. Examples with the -o ending include abo (aborigine - now considered very offensive), aggro (aggressive), etc. Examples of the -ie (-y) ending include aggie (student of agricultural science), bikkie (biscuit), and others. The results of the work can be used in further research. More over, it makes a contribution in the theory of translation. 



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